Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i think~

i think i need sumone to hold on~
perhaps a girl...or perhaps a guy~
which i could burst out everything to him/her~
who willing 2 b there for me always~

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Payye :) said...

Hi hi, you can spill everything to me. I may looked like a lousy listener. But the truth is I do listen. It's just that I am no good in showing affection towards my family like how I show it to my friends :) Do seek Dr. Mia for any advice or help. WRITE LAH LETTERS TO ME, SEND IT TO REMBAU. Delight me! Letters can make me feel good at times I need someone in school where no one listens :'( Im a carefree right now, and carefree means I seek ppl not ppl come to me. So how should I share my sadness when I do the seeking part :(

ps: terase mcm entry pulak kat sini, haha :DD