Sunday, July 24, 2011

maybe the last visit...

salam n hi everyone~

i had a great weekend i think~
balik dr kuala kangsar- bley dianggap rumah mak angkat la-
i did nothing there...
tolong masak pun x.
mmg x best la...terasa mcm x sedap.
dtg rumah org tpi x tolong masak @ kemas..huhu.
cuma tolong sidai kain n bsh pinggan sket2.
rasa pelik sbb sll balik rumah mak da biasa buat benda2 2..
but the best is...sana makanan dia byk!
n sedap2. n best2..
i dunnow how to describe it.
mmg wallah~ hehe.
lepak2 talking with the siblings...
i felt really wonderful!
seriusly, xda rindu kat dia.
felt like i am really the anak angkat there.
im avoiding myself from talking about him or asking about him.
n i really did it~ i show no interest of him.
but last2 terkeluar plak dr mulut mama (my mak angkat)
the conservation is below:

kak puare: nas, jgn tinggal barang..nanti mama kena hntr ipoh plak~
me: xda la...rasanya suma nas da simpan...da letak tepi..xda barang tinggal~
mama: apasal pula mama yg kena hntr...nanti suruh la fairuz hntr....
me: ........................

i was like. what does it supposed to mean? i am glad that my expression is still the same. usual~ i dun wanna have a high hope....i dun want want to expect him to come n see me....i juz dun wanna hope anymore.. ~abdul salam amir said that i am in denial state~ i bet i am. but, dun hope. it will hurt u more i think.

besides than that, kak long n mama also try hard to tell me indirectly that he will be back for good this sunday, 31st july...where he will arrived around 725 am. i heard dat kak long, u dun have to shout out lot actually. i am myself wanna know when he is coming back. juz i am really not hoping he would come n see me at home.

precisely, i am not going to be at home this sunday morning. as i am going back to nenek's house in hulu langat bcoz we have kenduri! kenduri b4 puasa~ hm... everyone will be there ! yeay! tpi dis kenduri postponed our family outing to umbai melaka to eat ikan bakar~ huuuu.... makes me really dissapointed~ huuuu...

whatever it is..i think i have to look into the future... dun live thinking a lot about the past... whatever happens u have to bare it n face it will full strength....hey, u gonna work as a doctor in 8 months time...dun think about this stupid thing. juz study n prepare being a safe dr which will not harm the patient. i am glad, that the shift session is going to be done starting this september. but, i hope i will have the oppurtunity to experienced a lot of things during my housemanship.

okies...think have to go 1st.

p/s: i think this will b my last visit to kuala i am no longer have to visit his parents as he is coming back next week. =) n if he does not see me..i think this will be the last... or perhaps when he is not there, back in kuala kangsar..i will come n visit them.. =)

untill then, daaaa~

salam... ^_^


salamBEST said...

Hope is a dream that never sleep :)

nAsirah NasIR said...

yup..dats true~ =)