Wednesday, November 9, 2011


i sulk with him again. i juz dunno y.
he kept on saying he doesnt want to bother me.
by msging me always. hey, u always give the same reason.
hello, it's the only time we have kot.
lepas ni bz like a bee, jgn bising bila buat x taw.
n i make up my mind not to msg...
for long time. i will. i'll make sure myself i'll do dpat!
then, guess what happened next?
i myself are not certain what had happened...
i had a dream...n i dream of sumone.. it's the pharmacist back there
in seremban hospital. like gila la me.
hello it has been ages u forgotten about him, but tiba2
u dream of him...
hey, ni's okay la...
6 months more to go...if dpt seremban...dapat la kerja dgn mr pharmacy!
yeay!!!!! =) hope everything will run smoothly..hehe...=)
u made my day...=)

*its only a dream*

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