Thursday, March 15, 2012

i love u, mak ayah.

i miss nenek.... really missing her.... it's my first time pentingkn benda lain drpd my family.... ive never done dat... bila i sacrifice my weekend for study, i felt dat i ve leave them apart.. i know its juz few weeks to go..n i have to work hard for it.. many things i have to do when start working.. yup, i know im like an old lady. fikir tu ini. its not dat i come from a rich family, therefore i have to sacrifice mny things for them. we dun live forever in this world..... so, the sacrifice dat we do for our family especially our dear only here. in this world. not thereafter..... i hope i cud be anak soleh which cud always help them even when im not here....
dear mak n ayah, i love u.. i love u with all i have.. even if i go first, i will always be ur daughter.. im sorry for not always there for u.. im sorry for not helping both of u. i dun have money, n im not a good daughter. only HE cud reward of u with the best reward. i love u..

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