Monday, December 10, 2012

we aint the same

salam... >.<
it has been a while...
i didnt write anything in this blog of mine.
where i put almost all my thoughts, emotions everything inside here.
now, im currently working in HTAN.
as someone who try her best to serve the patients.
not someone who can cure, but try to help them relieve a bit.

many things have change and i realise dat im no longer a child.
im an adult and a child with huge responsibility towards family& myself.
i realise that life aint dat easy.
we have to get thru it without expecting anything.
but do not take life for granted.
do ur best as HE knows whats the best for us.

remember HE is always there for us, not HE who forget us, but we are the one who forgets HIM.

=) nasirah nasir

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