Sunday, February 17, 2013

baitulmuslim 2.0- a new experience.

its been a while. i did not update my blog.
yup, i know im not a blog maniac.
just i write something when i wanna write..hehe

yesterday i went to baitulmuslim 2.0 >sebelum aku bernikah< @ PICC.
its a new experienced to me.
ive never join any seminar as it involves money when i was in medical school
coz i dun have enough money. >_<
actually, if i knew, all the seminars will be very useful, i think i will join
even if i dun have money during my med school.

Baitulmuslim 2.0 is very useful to me.
i think most of the people around us think dat, people who went to the event i because
they are mostly will get married soon.
my anwser is a BIG NO!!!!!!
Im not going there because i wanna get, im single (it's like an announcement here)
but i went there.. because i wanna gained experienced, i wanna scoop all the knowledge and experienced
from the speakers. before i really indulge myself into marriage.

i wanna know the true way of getting married in ISLAM.. how to build it..n how us as a mother to be can help building ummah starting with our own family.
last time, jahiliyah really make me upside down..
i was being fooled. jahiliyah teach me that couple is sweet.
hanging out together, sharing foods, watching movie even until giving 'everything'  to your partner is a must.
but actually it is not.. it makes the woman seems easy. you are making your way to hell my friend.
did u realise it? did you? me, i realised it when im deeply in love with someone, yet i ignore it!
LOVE IS BLIND!!! yes, thats the meaning of love is blind! you doesnt recognized whether your doings are sins or deeds~ you have been blind..
how can you expect a guy to bring you to jannah if he, couple with you, holding your hands, thinking of you everytime, saying he loves you many times? is that love, my dear friend?'s not.. its a way to hell my friend..
i know, it seems akward to everyone, to our generations rite now, when im telling like this.
maybe people will think, last time you was like dat what. dont be exagerating just because you just attend into this seminar la weyh...
surely people think dat. but you know what?
i dont care what people think about me. i really dont care.

i just wanna share that couple. its not useful at all my dear friend. i had couple more than 5 years, and i end up not marrying that guy..its a waste of money, time, and effort. in this age of us 20's, we shud try and build the ummah. helping each other in dakwah or at least, people who are not in any usrah like me, try and seek knowledge. at least, we cud have something to help ourselves and if we are lucky, we could help others.

hm..i think, i forgotten the real messaged that i wanted to tell everyone here.
what is the meaning of baitulmuslim actually??? do you guys know what is the meaning?????
some of the audience said that baitulmuslim is marriage in a way of islam. some said they dont know.
as for me, before i joined this seminar, i think baitulmuslim is like someone who is extremist religion, who get married via arranged marriage in a way of islam.
there is a misconception here. as i just realised. there is no extremist of islam. they are just muslim/muslimah who know their responsibilities. their responsibilities towards ummah. to be 'khalifah ALLAH' at this dunya.
they know dat they live in dunya just to get HIS blessing, only for HIM. not blessing from others. that is the reason, y is there baitulmuslim.
baitulmuslim is marriage of a muslim which they build, nourish their family in the way of ISLAM, in hoping to get HIS BLESSINGS. so, to start a baitulmuslim, u have to be well equip, starting from now...

all the best everyone. lets changed ourselves to be a good, and much better person by starting from now..
u cant be soleh/solehah in one day, u need lot of effort to be a better person in a length of time.

may HIM help us in everyway. insyaALLAH. =)


nasirah nasir. =)

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