Tuesday, December 28, 2010

after more than 2 weeks of elective~

finally i changed to a new template..
gosh, mcm buruk!
but still i wanna changed it.
i found new templates too...
which i think it's childish but i dunno how to wear it to my blog..
as my little sis is sleeping, i think i will ask her to help me with it next morning..

yeah, i am glad for being in seremban for more than 3 weeks now!
n i dun wanna go back to ipoh...pls3...
i dont want too....
i am having so much fun here~
resting in seremban~
i got the chance to go out with my family members~
like hell yeah, it was a long time ago since the last family outing together~
even though i have no 'puLuS' still i enjoyed going out together~

wanna know what?
i searched out for new brand hp..
as my old samsung had worn out!
n again i fall in love with samsung champ~
i'm waiting for my allowance from MARA,
so dat i cud buy new hp...

pls3 dear MARA....
can u pls bank in the money ASAP.
i'm so hooked up with the hp..
n i really which i cud get it with price of rm300..
i think the price worth with the function..
so, which colour is more suitable for me???
pink, brown, white or black?

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