Friday, December 31, 2010

i will miss u year 2010

today is the last day for 2010 n
hai hai 2011....

2010 is a year which i experienced many things...
i learn to miss every and each moment i had...
i learn to control emotions...
i learn to hide my sadness...
n foremost, i learn to ignore,forgive n forget people~
it was a year of devastated for the first half year,
n then changed to the moments where i cherished the most~
moments where i had the opportunity to b with friends,
hang out in penang & bukit merah~
shopping together, eating together
n most importantly support each other~
thanks guys~ afi, lily, nana, sarah, khaulah, n many more~

despite dat,
it was a year which i cried the most because of a guy...
which i thought he will b the one for me~
who will take care of me~
who will support me at all times~
but seem to b, he is rather not the one~

for 2011 n the years after,
i hope i cud find the one one who;
i will love for the rest of my life
i will always cherished till my soul tear apart
i will take care till the last breath~

n lastly, i hope i cud cope with my studies~
by being much2 better than the previous year~
it needs practice without knowing what is fatigue~

to everyone,

1 comment:

Miss Payye :) said...

your conclusion about first half was not good and the next half was good, it's just the same as mine!
about the guy, haiya!
dont cry for someone who dont want you.
cry for someone who cares for you lah babe.
there will be the one, dont worry.