Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st day of 2011~

almost 1 day berlalu~
n first day of 2011 i changed my hp~
yap!!!! it's pink in colour!
wow, mcm x sngka nasirah nasir pakai pink~
hope this hp will last at least smpi HO la...
jgn la hbs screen suma~ huhu

the best part is,
i got to know sumthing from sumone~
serius shit!
buat apa dtg skrg?
u can go n do what u like~
n me myself do what i want~
i am happy for myself~
don't spoil my year again~
darn it!

b happy nasirah nasir~
forget everything dat will coz ur breakdown~
n work hard for the future~
i am confiden n sure u can do it better~ =)

p/s: lately my blog is the place where i share my feelings i think~ huhu

1 comment:

salamBEST said...

Blogging mcm sort of therapy. Release tension mcm aku. haha :)