Wednesday, January 26, 2011

after 4 days in 2nd posting of phase 2b

wow, it has been a long 4 days i havent write a single thing in my blog~
surely, i am not bz.
juz a bit attentive in this radio for a while.
u knw y im a bit attentive?
bcoz eop is only 2 weeks ahead, minus with holidays it will b 4 days ahead lorh.
haish. i still dun get it so much.
either bcoz so much 2 study.
owh, i m blur. not sure myself~
however, it was fun going back to ipoh.
meeting my colleagues here. bak kata org melayu 'teman2 seperjuangan'. heh
yup. i miss them.
i miss my adik2.. aidi, shakira, along n also chubby..chubby is the latest collection..
haha..juz kidding. i found out like mcm buddy line plak.
ye r. most likely, me n salam is the super senior probably. (kononnya lah)
while aidi n shakira is the 2nd senior.
while along n chubby is the junior.
juz realised dat no phase 1b lorh. can do ma if we want. izaty can b mah, rite aidi?.

actually, the main thing was this week. it was hectic but fun. lots of thing 2 study, but still felt dat the experienced is priceless. y lah i am not dat rajin during my 3rd year as phase 3a. i dunno la.
hopefully i will always be full blown with energy everyday...amin.

sayonara~ bye

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salam akak... sori...