Wednesday, January 1, 2014

its a new year of 2014

its a new year of 2014.
yet, im alone.
still single, but have lots of support from parents n family.
i dun expect 2014 to b more exciting.
i just hope dat miracles do occur this year.
its  year, where i dunno where i will b sent after hoship.
maybe somewhere far?
i dunno myself.
but one i do know, my house.
yeay. get to live in my own house,
house where i dream to share with my husband n children.
house where i will c them grown up to b soleh n solehah children.
to b a real muslim.
yes, its a dream of mine. to c them grown up with me.
yet, i did not found him yet.
deep in my heart, i wanna a husband who fulfill his obligation to HIM.
i want him to b a guidance for me in finding HIM.
n i want it to b in a correct way.
in love after marriage. its the best.
its upsetting when seeing couples who not end up marriage.
couple n love before marriage i wud say its wasting of time, money, n
energy. n u build lots of sins not only to u, but for the ladies, it involves
ur brother n father too.

hm, im just hoping, n pray to HIM for the best.

may this year makes me more stronger in finding HIM.
insyaALLAH. amin.

nasirah nasir.

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