Thursday, July 24, 2014

ramdhan al mubarak. :)

its been a while not writing. ;)
today, ive finish my hoship. alhamdulilah.
praise to HIM for everything.
all the moments dat i gained during my hoship
i will cherish it.
last 2 year, on the same date where i started working as a gov officer
i never thought i will finish my hoship with my good friend. 
had a good last oncall as a houseman officer with only 1 admission 
after 12am. see, im not jonah! hehe
my last posting in paeds, i really enjoyed it. 
will be floating here for a month too. 
looking forward to b a paediatrician, insyaALLAH.

enough with work, i think. if i talk about work, there will b no ending. he.

bulan of ramadhan is a blessing month.
where i got to learn my iman all dat, n was fortunate 
to have the oppurtunity to experience it again.

t iwas also a month, where sumone approach me, as a friend.
im glad to get to know sumone better. n im happy of course.:) 
even though, he will b leaving soon, im glad to know him.
i hope he will b back soon. 
take care dear. will b waiting for u always. :)

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