Tuesday, June 21, 2011

dear heart....

i think..my heart still waits for him.
when i think of him..
my heart does not accelerate like b4..
my heart does not hurt anymore.
my heart become peace..
he did not hurt my pride.
he did not makes me thing foolishly.
he makes me think more seriously.
he makes me think more wisely
but i try to run away~
run far away from him, n also HIM.
not HIM who i want to run actually,
but i changed a lot.
its my way of changing.
not towards the better site..
but against it...
but he, who is at the other part of the world...
becoming better from day to day.
which makes me..wanna run away much more...
as i think me myself, can no longer walk together.
i wanna run far far away~
far away until cannot be reach anymore~

dear heart...pls dont be fragile..
stay strong dear heart...
if he is not the one for u...
accept it willingly... =)
as there is someone out there waiting for u...
hoping for u 2 b with him...=)

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