Sunday, June 19, 2011

running is my passion~

i love running now days~
it makes me feel energetic...
all the adrenaline n epinephrine rush along the body~
makes me feel better everyday when im down.
when im upset. seriously, it changed me a lot.
it's the way for me to release my stress, anger everything(-ve thing.)
maybe 5-10 years ago. running was the thing dat i avoid so much.
but now it the thing which i cant resist anymore.
thing which im addicted to..
if i aint jog for a day~ i felt sumthing is missing. i think.
n bcoz of jogging for 4 months.
i lost 8 kilograms already....quite a good thing i think
i hope i could lost another 8 kg in 4 months time before final exam pls.

to girls or boys out there,
try jogging n join marathon urself..
u will feel different. come n join~
u will get addicted like me~ seriously...=)

dearest nasirah nasir~ ^_^

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salamBEST said...

marilah berlari :)